Six Month Sunday.

{Six months ago, I was preparing for departure in Tampa International Airport. I was scared... I still am. A good scared though.}

     It's not that I am surprised I'm still here, because where else would I go if I left? Maybe, California where I hear it never rains. Six months I've been out here in these Chicago streets, CTA and I have become very much acquainted with little problems these days. (*knock on wood) As spring slowly approaches I wake up every morning grateful for my strength and clarity, this is where I am supposed to be right now in my life. 
 I have become memorized with the woman I becoming, I don't know if it is the city or just me growing but I like it... a lot. From relationships, new and old, my love, sexual and non sexual to just everything around me this is the gift of those dark moments I had just a year ago. One of my friends just the other day made note to me "I see you, out here in this short amount of time you are really making things happen." Truthfully, I like when people notice it keeps me present. 
         I'm sitting in sun lit salon, eating my hard boiled eggs, avocado, turkey with a slice of oat grain bread, coffee to compliment the breakfast. I am here now, six months in and I haven't given myself a time frame of how long to come... I do know that I am here for a purpose and my soul won't let me depart until it is complete. 

with Love & Sunshine on this Beautiful Sunday morning...