she's a BEAST. Paisley Peanut Bowtique

Everyone knows I absolutely love a good handmade creation, there is a sense of timelessness in pieces that have been crafted from the heart.

    When I was invited to like this page on FB seeing the cutest bows come across my timeline I got warm fuzzies!Then I find out my middle school buddy Nicole, is the owner and creator ahhhhh!!!! So I wanted everyone to know all about Paisley Peanut Bowtique!

RM:  How did you come up with the name?
NMC: The main inspiration for my shop name is my daughter. She had many nicknames from the time she was born, but Peanut stuck. I love paisley designs (like Vera Bradley) So I came up with - Paisley Peanut Bowtique!
 RM: You have the most adorable little girl, does she have any influence on your design choices?
(Little Miss Avary... The cutest model ever!!!!)
NMC: Thank you! I never get tired of hearing that! My little girl actually has ton of influence on my design choices. She is a little fashionista, loves picking out colors and designs and keeps me up to date on the new characters little girls her age are into!
RM: What has been the best part about having Paisley Peanut Bowtique?
NMC: Paisley Peanut Bowtique gives me the opportunity to spend time being creative and making money at the same time. I also love seeing happy little customers -when I receive photos of customers completely satisfied wearing my products it just makes my day. 
RM: Will you expand the business to more than just bows?
NMC: One day I would love to expand my business to selling clothing items, like embroidered shirts of custom sewn little girls ruffle shorts and skirts. That is a long- term goal of mine for Paisley Peanut Bowtique.
Here are some of the adorable creations!

If you would like to contact Nicole for questions and orders, the best way is through Facebook - 
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