she's a BEAST.. KaMaya!

   It was fall 2009, when my friend Terrance introduced me to KaMaya. I had heard about her because people thought I had a sister on campus, & the professors were afraid I had been cloned! (LOL) As soon as KaMaya and I met we instantly hit it off, it was indeed like talking to my sister. I've watched her grow into this woman with ambition to set herself apart and create her own thing. Whenever she and I talk she always mentions "WE" as in the people she is surrounded by, "When I make it, we make it."  Many people looking in from the outside would believe she has it all handed to her, yet I know her pretty hustle to be her own empire.
 KaMaya has launched her own Public Relations agency based out of Atlanta, and more recently has began spotlighting small business (which I love) I had a chance to get a few questions in with her.

RM:Who is KaMaya? 
KC:She is a young woman who is all about enjoying life, making money, & being happy.. 
RM:Where are you from? 
KC:I'm born and raised in Atlanta, GA.. Not the outskirts lol but Atlanta. 
RM: What made you want to say "I want my own PR agency?" 
KC:The day I came up with the idea to start my own agency I was working in a tax office for a friend doing clerk work. After sitting in there daily realizing that I was helping someone else fulfill their dreams I sat down and started jotting ideas down for myself. I knew nothing about taxes and it was obvious that I wasn't into it I just needed some money after graduation. 
RM:What is your goal(s) in life? 
KC:My goal has of now is to get this money by any means. I want to be known as KaMaya the girl that's gone make it happen and get it done. I want to be wealthy and live comfortably. Like honestly I just want to enjoy the rest of my 20s 😬 
RM:Who is your biggest inspiration and why? 
KC: My biggest inspiration would have to be my son. In 2009 I gave birth to a 1lb 9oz little boy by the name of Chayce. He only lived 4 hours but those were the longest/most life changing 4 hours of my life. I was transitioning into a mother I was scared nervous embarrassed and more. He's my inspiration because I know he will forever be rooting for mommy like when I'm having a bad day I can just imagine what his voice would sound like in my head and It pushes me to hear "go mommy you can do it don't give up" 
RM:How do you feel Social Media is impacting perception of people and even on a PR side is Social Media helping at all?
KC:Social media has taken over the lives of everybody for the bad and good. On the pr side I think social media has helped in a way well can help because if you have a client that wants product placement all you have to do is get that product in the right hands, get them to post whatever & sales will start to pour in ESP if that person has a big following. On the bad side I think some pr people just strictly use social media for business and that makes them lazy. 

Definitely in BEAST mode you can see KaMaya is busy and focused, I'm excited for the growth of the PPRIM Agency. 

Love & Sunshine 


  1. Both of my babies are doing the damn thing. Im soooooo proud of you both. Keep inspiring all those around you. See you at the top pumpkins!!!!!!! Xoxoxo

  2. Aww thanks that means a lot!! xoxo P.S. I'm waiting for you to come back to take me around the city!


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