she's a BEAST. Internet Favorite's!

   I thought it would be fun to do a My Favorite’s on the Internet post. There’s a few women on the internet that I absolutely swear by either  for the advice (business & personal), fashion, or overall ambition… yes, it’s the ambition! To start it off here are two of my favorite women on the World Wide Web. 

My Girl (well you know) Myleik Teele- Founder of Curlbox, this is how I was introduced to her, through her business venture.Yet, she is so much more savvy, wise, and distinct to say the least. She's on her shit! I also notice how aware she is about things she post, and it may be part of her Public Relations background you become conditioned to understand how things will be perceived. I’ve deemed her as my “online mentor” my friends think it's funny but they get why! 

 (Yes, she is one to know.) 

My second go to Guru is Miss Hey Fran Hey! You can't help but say the name out loud and smile, I can't remember how I came across her youtube channel it has been well over a year I do know. I've never really been into watching the natural hair video's online, although good points are made my hair does what it wants. But, Fran seemed to bring something different to the Youtube Natural game and what she brought sucked me in. I've watched all her video's I enjoy the DIY's and the tips that won't break the bank. Credibility is big with me and I feel like she is trustworthy enough to go out and buy the things she raves about. 

(&&& of course she is fly!)

These are only two of the women, many more to come that I stand behind via the Internet. I'm all for forward movement and empowerment, so to all the Women out here thank you & keep DOING IT!!! 

Love & Sunshine.