Moving & Shaking

A bed and my own space to think, it's always the little things. For the past six months I've been comfy couch living and honestly I didn't expect it to be horrible and it wasn't. It's just time for me to stretch out, I need to be in a space that I can create in, decorate and most of all I just needed to know I have a door to close if I want.
 I forgot how expensive moving is, gotta buy this and that and the thing is I have a lot of shit.... in FLORIDA!! I'm in a good place though, I should say that the shaking part is getting rid of the negative energy trying to bring me down. I've had a couple of side-eye moments over the past week but I did what I needed to do and pressed on. Just wanted to give everyone reading a heads up, that's why the post have been slow, I'm still out here working and cooking up grand ideas.

Until next time... soon!

Love & Sunshine