Good Monday!


 I've really stopped saying "ahhh another Monday" in all honesty it really is just another day. Yesterday, was a long but good day started early with work and let me touch base on a previous post. Last week I mentioned one of my coworkers speaking on something I had confided in her about well don't you know I had to open with her yesterday. Lol I had to laugh at the Universe for that one. I did say to her what I needed to say and left it there, nothing more nothing less. 
 With the work day complete I stopped by SAIC for a bit to check out the continued talk with Denenge Akpem, first met her and listened to her talk about Afro Futurism a few months ago. I love her energy. 
        (Delinda Collier & Denenge Akpem)

 Jetting out of SAIC I had a meeting for an upcoming summer project. I'm excited about, we then went to the Kevin O'Donnel show. He has this show called "The Monthly Visit" cracking jokes and interviewing people from around Chicago it was fun. My reason for going was to see the Tap group M.A.D.D Rythyms, they will be apart of the project in the summer so I wanted to have a chance to see them. Good, Good Shit! 
 I've heard about them but, to see them perform (and this was a snippet) was a good end to a Monday. 
Until next time! 

Love & Sunshine!