Cheers to the young people!

 Dear young people,
 I have a lot of questions yet, I don't know all the answers. I do know that in a short amount of time since I was your age I've grown... and grew up. Things are different social media is your best friend, you have access to the lives of people you don't know but you've come to idolize. I don't blame you, a lot of people live glamours lives. Or so we are lead to believe.
 Anytime I am given a platform to speak with young people, I am open and candid about life isn't always roses but it is what you make it. I've reached out to some of my friends to share a bit of their advice to you, we've been where you are and still as adults are living to get where we want to be.
Here's what a few of them had to say to you;

Vincent A (Professor) - "Don't give into negative peer pressure and don't set limits on yourself."

Leon Christian (Creator of Speak Tee)- " Be patient, fearless and creative. Individuality is not a curse yet a plus, take these years to develop and make mistakes."

Kamaya Chapman (Owner of PPRIM agency) - " Know the difference between an opportunist and someone who is genuinely down for and with you."

 Everything happens for a reason, yes it sounds cliche but it is true. As an adult know I have finally gotten to the point where I truly believe everything will happen as it should. I do realize now that I should have taken heed to what my parents said, to what my advisors and adults used to tell me. We can be our own worst critic, and our own biggest obstacle. If I can give one piece of advice to someone at this very moment it would be, " Be here now." There's peace in the present, don't get so caught up in what happened in the past (even yesterday) and don't be consumed with life tomorrow. Enjoy where you're at, be surrounded by love and genuine people.

With Love & Sunshine... <3