Toodles February!!

     I know I’m a few days late but better late that never right? I ended the month a little busier that is the real reason why this post is coming now. So, in my being busy as a bee I’ve been getting used to a more structure within my days because since I’ve moved to Chicago I’ve really just been going with the flow of things. (Which let me point out I love!)
            Last week, I started my second job which went smoothly I was in the process of working a third job but realistically I need balance in my life. So the two will do for now and it will give me a chance to do the other things I have set up for myself.
            Of course there can’t be all work and no play, and what better way to end the month than a two night Black Radical Imagination event? Thursday night Ms. Rashayla Marie Brown assistant Director of Mulitcultural affairs at SAIC put together the screening and discussion of  The Black Radical 2.0 edition and we were in for a treat!
     Curators Erin Christovale and Amir George brought Black Radical Imagination to life last year and lucky me I was in the right place this year to see it for myself. The films that were shown were; Memory Room 451 (John Akomfrah} The Baptist (Lewis Vaughn) Black Magic in the White House (Jeanette Ehlers) Bliss (Jabari Zuberi) Black Bullets (Jeannette Ehlers) Get The Bones From 88 Jones Because She Also Eats Meat (Lauren Kelly) Moonrising, (Sandford Biggers & Terence Nance)

      This years line up of films seemed to have this center around a power bigger than ourselves, Amir asked if I had a favorite and I honestly couldn’t choose they all kind of took me to a different place. The Baptist took me to the presence of a higher being, a God like feeling then, Bliss I identified with the new version of heroin (yes the drug). Lauren’s piece as soon as it came on the screen reminded me of the real life dating game, and there was a calming peace with Moonrising, so I couldn’t pick just one. Of course I wouldn’t be me without leaving the screening inspired to create a film!

(Black Radical Imagination curator Amir George)
            The second part of the two day event was held at the Arts Incubator (clearly this is where the good shit happens) I walk in say hello to this young women with a big smile, dope ass necklaces on which one was the shape of Africa with the word sex written on it (I like her!) Oh, this is Martine Syms , conceptual entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles who came to bring us her piece The Mundane Afrofuturist Manifesto as apart of the Black Radical Imagination 2.0 experience.
 So, since I’ve been in Chicago this Afro Futurism word, phrase, whichever has been coming up more and more. This was the second event I attended with Afro Futurism being the topic, I felt as though with Martine’s piece she brought a devils advocate twist to the academia version to the term. Martine is very poised and clear with her work which I enjoyed, after she read the manifesto her and Krista Franklin had a dialogue about the work and the entire Afro Futurism movement.
             Movement, is it? We kept hearing George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic so obviously futurism has been already out here. I was interested to ask both Martine and Krista with the generational age gap between the two “Did they see Afro Futurism becoming so mainstream.” Krista said yes because it has always been around it’s just a matter of people calling it what it is, Martine didn’t see it happening. To me that is what that is what I got from the “Mundane” part of Martine’s piece that things just as they are, it’s not that we (in our generation) are unaware of what is but it’s just a way of life.

(Martine Syms & Krista Franklin)

I told you my month of February ended with a bang, a special thanks to Erin and Amir for bringing Black Radical Imagination I'm glad I was in attendance this year! 

Love & Glitter