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  Before I left Florida I met up with a Highschool classmate, we filled each other in on the things we were doing and the things we wanted to accomplish in the future. Ebony, told me about this writing idea and I immediately was all in. I've watched over the past few months her vision for writing poetry come to life in a very unique and personal way. Although I get a glimpse of the amazing work she is doing I wanted you all to have a chance to find out what she is writing about and even get in on the goodness! 

   What is Realtalkeb Expressions?
Realtalkeb Expressions is a company that specializes in custom poetry on any occasion. A company where we take your heart-felt thoughts and transform them beautifully into poetry. So instead of going to Hallmark for a card that really doesn't convey what you are truely saying you can come to Realtalkeb Expressions and we will compose a poem in a card with your thoughts. Even if you are uncertain of what to say we can bring it together for you.

What inspired this venture?
 Writing poetry was unknown gift that was revealed to me about 3 years ago. The gift was birth out in a very hard time in my life. Once I started writing I couldn't stop. I had the opprotunity to go to a 12week entrprenuer class, i felt the urge to go. As I attended the class, God started to give me witty ideas concerning this business. That's when I knew my style of writing was meant to reach out to people all around the world.
What is something you want people to know about you and your business?
Realtalkeb Expressions has a slogan "It's deeper than poetry". The slogan arrived from the reactions of clients once they received their custom poem. My writing is spirit led, so I am able to write words that pentetrates the heart, even able to mention things my clients haven't told me.

 It was great getting to know more about this business, If you have any special moments coming up here is how you can reach Ebony;
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