she's a BEAST... BRUNCH!

So.... yes I hosted my first brunch here in Chicago this past Sunday, and I am still in awe of the entire day. The brunch idea came about a few weeks ago, I've been to numerous events and always end up talking and being around this main collective of women so I wanted us to have a moment where we just breath and enjoy good conversation and delicious food.
  After telling a few of the ladies about my ideas they all said "let's just do it" and we did, it was a small group of us we really just took the time in and opened up. From the berry pancakes to the truffles (ahhh the food was so good) it all came together just as I really wanted it to be.
 If you know me then you know how indebted I am to my relationships with people, a gift and at times a curse but at this point in my life I take it all in as life's reasons. These are the individuals I am going to grow old with, sitting on the porch cracking the lamest jokes and looking around I'm okay with that.
 This brunch set the tone for many more to follow, I'm looking forward to the Spring one to come! To my loves, ladies you are... what's more than AMAZING?? Whatever it is you've got it!!!

Love & Sunshine