Reading Gem

A close friend of mine has talked about this person Buddy Wakefield for awhile, she's been carrying around his book for even longer. There have been a few times when I picked up the booked, skimmed through it and that was it never thinking to really read it. Until now, Betty has been quoting him more frequently and I became more interested in who this Buddy is.
 She recently came from a NY trip and as soon as she walked in the house she pulled out the book and started reading to me. I enjoyed the words differently this time, and asked her if I could borrow it.. she hesitated and gave me specific instructions but allowed me to take the book. I've been on the train in tears, his words
"I know I am transparent
but my insecurities are all in the right places
so go ahead
have a look."

 I'm still reading this 138 page book "Live for a Living" taking my time, re reading not wanting to miss a moment. I wake up this morning with a text from Betty that Buddy will be here next week, this came just on time. 
If you're in Chicago come by and check him out (I'll be there with Betty) it's March 24th at La Catrina Cafe @ 6:30pm.