My week in review

 Is spring finally here?? Never would I have thought that I Miss Florida Sunshine State girl would be excited for a temperature of 55 degrees but, I AM!!!!!!
 If you’ve been reading my blog for the past couple of weeks I talk about me finding balance between working two jobs and all the goodness that Chicago has to offer. So, in between running around I’m still trying to enjoy specific pieces that my soul needs to be fed with.
 This past Monday, I was given a dose of Mr. Buddy Wakefield live and in person and I do have my Betty to thank for that. 

                                                  (Isn't he cute?)
    He came to La Catrina café over in the heart of Pilsen, and put on a show. I really enjoyed the way he brought his pieces to life and if I hadn’t read his book (Live for a Living) I wouldn’t have known that he was actually performing the stories. Although I thought his performance was magical the real magic came when he signed my book.... 
(The "Golden crew of yesses") 

         I’ve actually been thinking about getting back to poetry and maybe even spoken word, I was reminded of my College days when I use to sit and write a quick poem then stand up and perform it. What a simple yet great week, pretty toes and bright colors that the Spring is here to stay!!!

Love & Sunshine