Life as a Transplant.

Listening to Episode #5 of Afro’s & Ceramics fruits the ladies were discussing being a transplant, a move to a new city or country. Just about everyone that I know has moved around and either adapted to this new place or they went back to what they knew.

I’ve transplanted more than a few times in my life, I’ve always been an adapter to where I am and who I am around. The earliest I remember moving was to Indiana at the age of two, because I was so young I believe as a child I was resilent to the move. As a young adult I moved to Miami for College and although I was still in Florida, Miami is a completely different place I always say it’s a world of it’s own. I saw real hustling for the first time, had my first dose of grown ass “professionals” being ignorant and just living  life on my own. New Jersey was a very interesting move, I wouldn’t go back unless maybe I was being paid too (maybe) the entire “Dirty Jersey” thing is real the people were so rude my coworkers wouldn’t even say “good-morning.”  But, I always made it, being in Chicago it has been what I knew it would be. Magical… to say the least the people are friendly, the food is good and it really has given me this different kind of go-getter mentality than I’ve ever had.

Transplanting for me has opened me up, it has allowed me to meet people from all walks of life and have a chance to understand new cultures. My next transplant will be somewhere out West or maybe somewhere International, I think it’s imperative to our growth to get outside of our box. Let me know where you’ve transplanted to and what were your thoughts and feelings?

Love & SunShine