American Greed.

 In one day, less than 10 minutes I picked up $1,468 worth of scratch off lotto tickets. As I calculated the amount of each ticket coworkers & clients looked at me like I was crazy! 
 I had to laugh before I said "I didn't buy all these they are for a project." What project, I haven't decided yet. I started picking up used scratch off tickets one day on the bus, it seems like the universe tells me to start collecting something and I do. There has to be a grand outcome to this madness. So here I am a month later walking into a small little store and asking for used scratch offs, at first they don't get it then the older guy points to the trash DING! 

 I left out with almost $1,500 worth of tickets it is crazy to me, that people spend excessive amounts of money on these tickets hoping or maybe addicted to the feeling of possibly winning "big." Before I walked out there was a guy standing with a stack of scratch of only scratching the bottom to see if he won "what did I give you $40?" I had to do my good deed as I left and let him know, he can claim those scratch off's on his taxes. Which I learned a couple days prior, from another fella. 
 I'm very much interested in the disregard for many things and there is a larger picture to me collecting these tickets. Maybe I'll be the lucky winner!