she's a BEAST... Black Ink Book Exchange

 If the name doesn’t catch your attention and make you wonder “hmmm what is that?” then, you should adjust your focus. Late last year my friend, and creator of this project Savannah (Savvy) Wood and I were out talking over a cup of coffee about our plans and our projects. Out of all the things we threw out on the table, Savvy mentioned this book project and my ears immediately perked up, I am a reader, and to me there is nothing greater to me well, besides coffee than a good book. As I listened to her explain what she wanted to do with this concept, the project ideas sounded amazing, and I could envision it all coming together but for me what did it was the passion I heard in her voice for this project.
 Passion, it will set everything apart and in motion and now a couple months later Savannah has made this vision come to life, not long after launching she was featured in the Huffington post saying “With the Black Ink Book Exchange, she hopes to take that idea and make it publicly accessible in a way that serves as a focal point for the predominately black neighborhood to engage with the arts. She plans to open the space by spring and, during the summertime, move it to other locations on Chicago's South Side."
Starting with her Facebook page that gives readers updates as they are happening (which I love) to her Indigogo campaign to help raise money to support the project.
Black Ink book exchange is more than just a library of timeless books for the community to enjoy she is setting the foundation for a platform to engage, provoke thought and inspire. I am truly proud of you Savvy, for taking this leap &&& doing IT... she is a BEAST!! 

If you would like to learn more about Black Ink Book Exchange check out the Facebook page and if you would like to donate to the campaign follow the link