she's a BEAST.... WSTS Radio

Created by two of my friends Rae Chardonnay and Nicole Harrison, the station was created to bring awareness to the community on the WestSide of Chicago. Being that I am not a Chicago native I've often asked why on the WestSide, and both of them so passionately told me "this is where they're from and we need people to know it's good things coming out of this part of the city."
 Going into the fifth week of broadcast, these two have created some buzz with their segment "The Corner" when asked "What is the main goal or the plan for the radio station?" Nicole responded, "To highlight the culture on the WestSide and also bring community engagement." 
 Each week the two have their hot topics on what is going on out in the World for the week but what I've enjoyed most besides the banging music mix (which Rae Chardonnay is a DJ) are the guests and the discussions. It is very important for people to know there are many things happening right around us. 
 The flow and the dynamic of the show is organic, and that I believe people will enjoy && gravitate towards. With projects in the works, every Saturday you can tune in, listen && enjoy! 

You can reach them all over the web at: 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: WSTSRadio