Pieces of my open letter....

"You are only as good as those who you surround yourself with."

 I felt compelled to write this, but DAMN am I blessed to have such amazing people, women, go getters in my life?! Everywhere I turn there is a new project coming out, there's talks and openings... I'm basking in my glory. 
 They say you are like the five people you spend most of your time around and, I get it. Two of my friends have launched a web based radio station WSTS Radio which I wrote my first installment of "she's a BEAST" on yesterday. There's a final semester graduate in my circle that has been awarded a major grant for an exhibition she has planned, on top of various other projects. Oh, but there's a dope ass book exchange project that has been launched and already has major networks reaching out. Do you get it yet? 
 If this isn't a push, motivation I don't know what is... All these projects I mentioned come from young women that I am surrounded by daily, we all come from different backgrounds, our focuses may be different but in someway they always intertwine perfectly. It's deeper than friendship, it's a bond that can never be taken for granted. 

 To you ladies, I thank you. I am so proud of all that you have going on, I am grateful for your inspiration and energy. To everyone reading this, surround yourself with people as such. Individuals that see past ordinary and want to leave a strong mark & legacy on this World. 
... It all comes together, as it should.

Love & Glitter 


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