Oh... Love!

I love to love and I love to be loved... give it all to me. I won't blame my sentiments on this is the week for the lovers, truthfully I think about a genuine love every single day. Love is in my makeup its in every cell in my body, flowing through my soul. Whew, that was deep!
 I was talking to a friend recently about dating and love, this has been the longest I've been single, the longest I've had some real ME time. Once upon a time I wouldn't have lasted this long, there is nothing like having someone, your someone. It never dawned on me that I could be a habitual dater, feeling like I need to be with someone and now that I'm single and aware I've realized that is one of the unsettling feelings. I'm open to love, I know what I want and I also know that before I can want something from someone else I have to be all that and more.
 Love is something that should be so good, open, honest and in truest of forms.... Love.