Love Library Opening

Something’s are just amazingly good!

            Love, Love, Love this is what it is all about. Out of all the events I’ve been to thus far in Chicago, this was one that I was beyond excited to be in attendance for. Last night, the opening reception for Krista Franklin’s ‘Love Library” happened. It really feels as good as it sounds. From first walking in, to the smell of  fresh flowers so beautifully laid upon a table, to the wallpaper and let me mention on the shelf in a bowl was the childhood classic read “Charlottes Web.”

            I was in awe the entire night of how Krista transformed this space, although it is a new installation it felt like a classic moment, one that has happened before.  I first had the pleasure of meeting Krista a few months ago, recently she has sparked a fire within me that I’m not sure she even knows. I want everyone who has the chance, or make the chance to visit the Arts Incubator of Washington Park to see this project. As Krista said, “ Come use the space, read, write, think it is here for you all.”

This took my "she's a BEAST" to another level!!