Busy as a bee, I've began a serious writing schedule for my book along with working on other writing projects. In the midst of this serious revision for my first book I realized I wanted to change the concept and now I am working on two completely different books. It feels good though. I will also start working two additional jobs next week, along with my current one. Although the Universe is looking out and I am super thankful I am keeping in mind how important my own sanity is. Within the coming months a new layout of the site will happen, and more posts and happenings will be added. 
 For this week if you are in Chicago I encourage you to check out Friday Night from 6-9pm the Love Library. Which is Artist Krista Franklin's installation for her Arts Residency. I am super excited about this project. It will be held at the Arts Incubator in Washington Park. 
 I've got a couple of other events I will be blogging about, so stay tuned!!