The traveling PINK bag!

  My absolute favorite bag that goes everywhere I go and has more miles & dents on it than I can count. So where did we pack up and go to this time?  Back home for a quick trip to Tampa Fl, and I must say out of all my home visits this one was packed! 
 First off I enjoyed a Birthday party for my niece at "Do your dishes" a fun vibrant place in New Tampa where you can pick out any type of pottery and paint it as wild as your imagination! From small letters to plates and dragons you choose and you create. I painted an owl coffee mug (which I left at home) since we all know that I run on coffee. It has become a birthday tradition and lots of fun. Did I mention my niece is an artist??! Yeah she's pretty amazing!!!!!! 
 I made a lot of rounds, met up with family and friends which I hadn't seen in a very long time, it was very nostalgic to say the least. This time being home I really made the most of every moment and etched those memories into my heart. **tear** 
 So, if you're following me on any or all social media sites you saw my post about "Give up the Gowns." Before I left Chicago I wanted to make one of my main priorities being in Tampa to collect gently used gowns/dresses to be donated for young women who just aren't as fortunate to go out and buy a $200 dress for one night. I truly believe every girl should have the chance to feel like a Queen if even for one magical night. So I put out my PSA's hounded people who said they had gowns and was so surprised at the positive response, I knew if I could collect 10 gowns that would be my goal and I was able to collect 11 to be donated!! Thank you again to the ladies that were able to donate and if you weren't and come across some dresses SAVE THEM!! I'll be doing this project again! 
   Lastly, on this visit home my Mommy and I hung out in Downtown Tampa at Curtis Hixon Park for the annual Black Heritage festival. We were only able to get to Sunday's events and it was such a nice vibe, and also if you're ever looking for something to do check out the "New" Farmers Market that takes place every Sunday Downtown in between Ashley & Tampa street. 

 All in all this visit home was great, although I've only been away for three months it was needed. I'm a family girl so being so far away from them gets hard. Hope you enjoyed && stay tuned to see where me and my PINK bag go next! 

Love & Glitter