she's a BEAST

Who, Who, Who..... YOU!!!! 

  I came up with this entire concept imaging women from all walks of life, different fields just making shit happen. To me, there is nothing more powerful than seeing another Woman who has many odds stacked against her just pursuing her dreams and goals. 
 I envision she's a BEAST blossoming into an entire entity within itself. I've decided to start here on the blog, with who I know, who I want to know, and just those I believe everyone should take a closer look at to know. 
 I encourage any and everyone to link me to those who inspire you, whether it's in "real life" of via social media I've come across a few just from just Twitter, Instagram that I'm like "Yeah she's a BEAST" send me their names, or handles because I want her to know that she's a BEAST and it needs to be known. And, hey are you the BEAST???? If you are I want to really know you! 

Love & Glitter