Limits & Limitations

   At this point in my life boundaries are not only here for limits but a necessity for my sanity. 

 A few years ago I learned that everyone in your life has their own specific role, whether you like it or not. Roles I've became familiar with but with them I also let a lot of relationships go, feeling as though people couldn't be to me what I was to them so I didn't need them around in any capacity.  Not that I regret them because at the time people being selfish with my time, love and energy was draining. I realized that roles are more so for placement you have a friend you may tell specifically about your relationship and another friend who you know would be down to party. Nothing is wrong with roles but where I had to learn and piece together was with roles comes boundaries or maybe vice versa. 
 At this stage in my life my value of friendship means so much more than "oh you tried it I'm not fucking with you anymore." If I continued that mindset I will eventually end up alone in every aspect of my life. Boundaries allow you to see a person for who they really are, what they bring to the table (or what they don't) and you decide how it fits into your life. 
 Mmmmm sounds so easy... It's not! I'm a sucker for love including genuine people and friendships to me it all goes hand in hand. Being that my past has let me down with relationships I've gotten used to after a couple of chances throwing in the "fuck you" flag and it is what it is. But, I know some amazing people that even in the fucked up moments the good outweighs the bad and that I can work around. Are boundaries extra work?... Hell yeah! But we as humans need that interaction with others to help us grow and survive.    Nonetheless, I had to also realize that I'm not at all perfect and people probably have boundaries with me. Knowing that having boundaries isn't a bad thing but a survival thing makes setting them worth it. 

Love & Glitter