Just Do It!!

Nike has something there with that line... Yeah they really did. I learned back in 2012 when I launched my site Soul Hippie how easy yet so hard it is just to do it! So, coming into the New Year I've made promises or resolutions to myself; Be consistent and see your vision through.
 Sounds easy right? Of course it does but when you've stopped, gotten discouraged or lazy that easy is hard. This is one of my "see your vision through" last year I had this grand idea to create an online space to spotlight women who are "DOING IT" entrepreneurs, creators, stylist whatever! I did receive initial feedback but instead of pressing on I stopped. Not this time, I've blocked out all the things I somehow started believing should happen, all the things I expected and I'm just going to do it.
 I believe that within reaching out to individuals doing it in their respective fields it will not only encourage me but them as we'll. It all goes hand in hand.

Love & Glitter