I promise... It's just hair!

I get when India Arie said "I am not my hair."
   Actually, this month would have been my three year "naturalversary" but me having one of my life moments chopped my hair off in November. 

 I loved my big hair, it was just perfect, but the attention, touching circus feeling I didn't love. Growing up there was always an emphasis on hair, my Daddy wouldn't let me do anything besides go to the shop and get a style. But as an adult and being natural I saw how much weight is put on having hair, it became mind boggling. The decision for me to cut my hair started weighing in on me, my hair had gotten so big I really couldn't do anything but where it out or slick it up into a big puff. Then I started to feel like it was weighing me down and I needed a change to go with this journey I've embarked on in my life. So, one morning I woke up and called to make an appointment and wa-la here I am. 

  Some days I'm like "what the hell was I thinking?" But, for the most part I love being able to just throw on a hat and have this new look. Besides, it's just hair it will grow back!